Give Your Tenants What they deserve

Dear Landlords. Save Your Tenants Thousands


Adding amenities to your apartment buildings or condos can be costly and time consuming. Having these amenities can also be very rewarding. Where is the balance?


Your tenants have more stressors moving into a new place and calculating rental costs, internet and electric can be a headache. 


There are multiple streams of revenue. Email our team to find out more.

How it Works:  In short – we install Commercial Fiber to a box that sits in a closet, attic or telco room. We need a small amount of power to our location (150 watts), We install point to point mesh radios on the roof if you have more than one building (this allows internet to mesh between buildings), Inside the building we install Wireless Access Points. 

Larger Deployments Exceeding 4 Buildings: In this type of deployment we bring in two internet connections on each side of the deployment using mesh radios on the roofs. If one of the lines is offline, your tenants will not have an outage. The mesh will self-heal itself. 

Tenant Benefits: No Contracts, Self or Assisted Installation, Free Support, Isolated virtual LAN per Tenant (Security).

Landlord Benefits:  Additional Revenue Stream, Free Managed 4K Camera Facing Parking Lot (with recording). A partner to help you WIN, Free Internet for your Cameras, Office and other building related monitoring.

Contact Us for Custom Wireless Deployment in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Depending on your requirement we may connect you with one of our partners.