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Why Data Center Smart Hands

Data center smart hands is a service that allows you to have a technician from your colocation provider perform tasks on your behalf remotely.

This can be anything from installing new hardware to troubleshooting an issue.

BUT, Not all tasks are created equal and datacenters will not go above and beyond looking at a screen and pressing a button.

You need a certified engineer that understands your environment and will not keep you tied up on the phone asking questions. 

There are many benefits to using Boston fibers data center smart hands, including:

  • Reduced travel costs: You don’t have to send your own IT staff to the data center, which can save you a lot of money on travel expenses.
  • Increased uptime: With smart hands, you can have issues resolved quickly and efficiently, which can help to improve your uptime.

Why Use a Third-Party for Data Center Remote Hands?

There are a few reasons why you might want to use a third-party for data center remote hands instead of your own IT staff.

  • Expertise: We have a team of experienced technicians who are familiar with the specific equipment in your data center. This can help to ensure that the tasks are performed correctly and efficiently.
  • Availability: We have 24/7 availability, which means that you can have issues resolved quickly, even if they happen outside of normal business hours.
  • Cost: We can often offer remote hands services at a lower cost than your own IT staff. This is because we have economies of scale and can spread the cost of their technicians over a larger number of customers.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to manage your data center, then using a third-party for smart hands is a great option.

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